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Pearson Rd Reservations

2205 N. Pearson Lane
Roanoke, Texas 76262
(817) 379-0737 (Metro)
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SPECIAL REQUESTS...At our two Kennel Kare locations we can accommodate your pets special needs, just let us know what they are.  Does your dog use an elevated feeding dish?  No problem!  Do they wear a snood when eating to protect long hair and long ears?  What about medications or special diets?  Is your dog frightened by storms?  We regularly respond to these types of requests.


Perhaps the only problem
with a Kennel Kare vacation
is that your pet just may not wish to come home!

JOIN US AT KENNEL KARE - WHERE THE FUN HAS ALREADY  BEGUN....  Because your pet is special you have chosen the best - for Kennel Kare has nothing in common with what you imagined kennels to be! We have beautiful grounds where our pet guests can hike and swim with their very own personal playmate who, at your direction, will provide one-on-one activity sessions with your pet - everything from his favorite exhausting games to quiet cuddles. Kennel Kare offers a complete agenda of activities tailored just for your pet's needs, whether it be a sedate nature walk, a brisk frisbee/tennis ball session, or just a soft session with holding, petting and cuddles!!

Our Dog & Cat Boarding Kennel suites are available in various sizes to make our pet guests feel at home. Our dog boarding accommodations include comfortable areas for small breeds and spacious suites for our larger or multiple family guests. Each pet will has access to a well-maintained sleeping, exercise and elimination area. All areas of our facility are safe, clean and comfortable.

PET BOARDING in the finest an immaculately clean, comfortable country boarding facility.  We offer your dog or cat a very special vacation in the country with plenty of fresh air and green grass.

Kennel Kare is a 20,000 square foot kennel, nestled on five acres of land, with every inch dedicated to caring for your pet. Kennel Kare offers boarding, grooming, and training, provided by a trained and professional staff.

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ONE-ON-ONE CARE    Kennel Kare has acres of land your pet can explore.  If you choose, your pet will be personally exercised on our spacious grounds by one of our caring staff.  Your pet never had it so good!  You don’t compromise when it comes to your pet, and neither do we.

PET SUITES  Each enclosure is surrounded by the most secure fencing available. Each suite is six feet high with a protective topper. On the property is a perimeter fence which further secures the kennel. And for further peace of mind - the owner and manager both have homes on the property. The entire kennel property is fenced and secured by a gate that is closed each night.

Our Pearson Lane Facility has over 140 Indoor/Outdoor pet suites, and 60 all-indoor suites in our Special Needs Room.  We have various sizes of suites to accommodate all sizes of dogs and to allow for multiple pets from the same family all in one suite. The indoor portion of each kennel is fully air-conditioned, while the outdoor portion is partially shaded affording your dog the maximum of comfort.  All suites have a privacy barrier on the inside sleeping quarter, and some of our suites do have a privacy barrier on the outside to accommodate the needs of special need guests.

SECURITY  Both you and your pet can sit back and relax. You see, Kennel Kare is not just for your pet, it's for you too! You can relax, enjoy your vacation, and know that your pet is as safe with us as it is in your own home. With residences for kennel staff on site, someone is here 24 hours a day.

Pre-entry Exam  All pets entering the kennel for boarding are given a pre-entry examination. If a pet is found to have fleas or ticks we treat the pet to remove the fleas or ticks at the owners expense prior to placing him/her into the lodging area.

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We are very proud of our beautiful facility & spacious grounds
 and invite you to come in for a guided tour so we can show you
what we are proud so to offer for our pet guests



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